Residential Price Guide

Window Cleaning

Prices start at £20. For smaller properties or bungalows please use the 3 bed semi as a guide. Townhouses please add the extension supplement.

You can select a regular or one-off service, please bear in mind a regular clean gives best results and is cheaper. One-off cleans will cost more as they will take longer due to dirt build up.

3 Bed Semi from £20

Conservatory +£7 Extension +£5

3 Bed Detached from £22

Conservatory +£7 Extension +£5

4 Bed Semi from £23

Conservatory +£9 Extension +£7

4 Bed Detached from £27

Conservatory +£9 Extension +£7

5 Bed Detached from £32

Conservatory +£12 Extension +£8

Gutter Cleaning

3/4 Bed Semi from £90

3/4 Bed Detached from £100

5 Bed Detached from £120

Town House from £130

Conservatories, extensions and lean to structures incur additional cost based on hourly rate.

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Bespoke quotes for your property are available upon request.

Gutter Cleaning Terms and Conditions:

  • We will not be able to carry out our gutter clearing process if you have Tile Slip Guards (Mesh that sticks upwards in front of the gutters, designed to stop tiles from falling to the ground). You will not be charged for any work that has not been carried out.
  • We do not use a ladder for gutter, soffit and fascia cleaning – all of the cleaning is carried out from ground level using telescopic water fed poles. Our poles reach up to 65ft (6th floor) and gutters up to 4th floor so are able to reach 95% of gutters, soffits, fascias on residential properties – if its reachable from the ground using our poles then it will be cleaned!
  • We can not be held liable for damage to gutter clips, soffit vents or any other component of your gutter, soffit and facias. Our cleaners carry out your cleaning with the utmost of care however soffit vents for example, often become brittle with age.
  • Cleaning does not include the removal of tough debris such as concrete, glue, silicone or permanent staining.
  • Aged UPVC may be stained or the coating perished – Our cleaners make every attempt to ensure the clean is carried out to the highest standard possible, however UPVC restoration is not included in the price of gutter, soffit & fascia cleaning.
  • Our gutter clearing charge is to clear debris from the horizontal gutter runs of your property that are reachable from the ground using our 40 ft gutter vac system.
  • We do not carry out gutter repairs – the quote is for clearing your gutters.