Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are my windows wet after cleaning?

We use purified water to carry out your window cleaning. Purified water has all of the impurities filtered out of it and will therefore dry completely clear. Please do not attempt to dry the window – you will make the glass smeary – allow the windows to dry naturally. 

Can I make a timed appointment?

Unfortunately not, our cleaning services operate from 7:30 am to 8pm (in summer).

Your cleaner will arrive on the day between those times. We can provide a guide of whether you are either scheduled for a morning or afternoon slot.

Can you clean windows traditionally?

We only clean windows using water fed poles. This removes the need for the use of ladders – keeping our cleaners as safe as possible while at work.

Water fed pole cleaning also gives much better cleaning results and your windows stay cleaner for longer. 

Can you clean the inside of my windows or conservatory?

Of course we can! Please let us know if you want this to be reflected in your bespoke quote.

How do I pay?

Payment upfront via debit or credit card (we support Apple Pay) or we can invoice you and expect payment within 48 hours (domestic customers) or 28 days (commercial customers).

Can you reach to clean my Velux / window skylights?

Our window cleaners use water fed poles up to 80ft to clean from the ground, so they need to be able to see the skylight from ground level and be able to reach it using the pole.

The angle of the skylight and the distance it is from the window cleaner are both factors that can make a perfect clean difficult or impossible to achieve. The best results are achieved by flipping the skylight around (if possible) and cleaning from inside – particularly if the skylight is heavily soiled and has lichen etc on the glass. 

Do you clean windows when it is raining?

Yes, we clean windows in all weathers as we strive to provide a regular and reliable, all year round window cleaning service. Rain water has less impurities than tap water, it itself will not make your windows dirty again. 

Why has the window cleaner come either a week early or late?

Our regular window cleaning services are 6 or 12 weekly, however because of staff holidays and sickness etc sometimes we need to bring cleans forward or push them back by 1 week. We will endeavour to contact you to give you notice of when we will schedule your next clean.

I’m not sure if I need a gutter clean, can you advise?

Of course! We can use our telescopic camera to check out whether you are due for a clean (at no charge) or we can schedule for the clean to take place in the next 6-weeks!

Commercial Customer FAQs: